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Out: Plastic people. In: Your people.

Nothing makes a company more forgettable than stock photo people on your home page. Sure, stock art plastic people are prettier than your real people, but you can’t build a relationship with a stock photo.

We do business with people we know, like and trust. Plastic people make your brand look like a commodity. Generic. Disposable. Forgettable. Replaceable.

Use photos of the actual people your customers will being working with (and hire a darn good photographer to help show them in a good light). It will help humanize your enterprise, engender loyalty and a sense of ownership from your team all while helping you build relationship with customers and prospects. 

Your people are integral to your brand and brand experience. Online. Offline. All the time.

And while we’re bitching about stock photos… Take a look at the technology photographed in your brochures, collateral and website. Are the computers, laptops, cell phone and headsets in the photos older than your new intern? Dated technology sticks out like a sore thumb. Refresh and stay relevant. 

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