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Hooray for Monday. Time to kick off the sheets. Clear out the cob webs. Kick out the jams.

We are the ready, willing and able. Bring us a whole case of the Mondays. We’ll grab a bottle, shake it up and dance in the champagne shower of awesomeness.

While the drones dread Monday, we see it as a starting line for dreamers and doers. There’s a fresh week of days on the clock. And countless possibilities for our boundless potential. We’re relaxed, recharged and reloaded. Ready to tackle the work we were born to do. Ready create something remarkable.

This is not the day to be back at the grindstone. This is the day to be back at our passion. Breathing new life into our projects. We are conduits of innovation, imagination and inspiration. It’s Monday. And we can’t wait to get started. On your mark…Get set…  

What are you working on?


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